Bidpath offers best of breed Timed Online & Live Webcast Auction Technology – Combined with superior support resources and marketing expertise – assisting leading Auction Companies to increase individual sale revenues, enlarge customer attendance/participation, and to expand their profile in the global marketplace. Further, our technology is user friendly and fully Responsive to any platform including mobile bidding.

We believe that while Timed Online Auctions are one of the fastest growing segments of the Auction Industry, we also firmly believe that Live Auctions are still the backbone of this industry and with superior technology will ensure that they are here to stay!

As Timed Online Auctions continue to be the fastest growing segment of the Auction Industry, we here at Bidpath, still firmly believe that the Live Auction or Webcast, should not be overlooked. The excitement of a Live Auction, skill of the Auctioneer, coupled with superior technology will ensure that the Live Webcast Auctions continue to perpetuate

Below is an example of one of our Live Webcast Bidding Modules which feature low latency (Sub-second) streaming audio and video, utilizing a standard template of your fully responsive custom design and layout.

Full featured Timed Online Bidding in a fully Responsive design.


The SAM Auction Portal allows you to create a single website with a unique brand that allows you to host multiple companies Auction Sales. Each Auction Company can use your branding or their own. Master or individual payment gateways and a shared bidder database are just a couple of the benefits of this particular offering. A few of our Portal Customers can be visited by clicking on the Logos below.

  marknet  AuctionHQ

In always trying to perpetuate our technology to the traditional Auction Industry, the “A.N.O.C” – Auction Network Operations Center – allows for broadcasting live auctions from your own conference room, corporate office or studio. With the use of our proprietary software and a sophisticated, interactive multi-camera system, the A.N.O.C. creates an incomparable Live Auction atmosphere created with steaming video of the Auction as it is taking place in your own studio

With technology expanding within the Auction Industry at warp-like speed – Bidpath has always maintained a philosophy of leveraging our technologies to increase customer attendance, marketplace profile and reaching a wider customer base for your Auctions! Since 2012 AuctionHQ has been aggregating, sorting, categorizing, and publishing Timed Online and Live Webcast Auctions for over 250 Auction Companies around the globe – And at the same time, building an active database now approaching close to 300,000 customers and buyers worldwide. We offer unparalleled marketing services, search engine optimization, social medial tools, as well as traditional marketing and advertising campaigns tailored to increase the exposure of your Auctions.