Macy’s is one of the leading department store chains in the U.S. with over 797 stores currently in operation. The retail giant offers a wide array of products which include clothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry, house ware, and cosmetics. Aside from numerous offline stores, they also provide online shopping to millions of customers worldwide.

Macy’s was looking for a solution to help them minimize losses from returned goods that had been sold both online and offline. The leading retailer needed a software solution that would enable them to constantly sell off returned goods in a seamless and profitable fashion. In an effort to find the most suitable reverse logistics solutions platform, the company interviewed over 20 leading online auction vendors, including some from overseas.

Macy’s eventually decided on SAM Auction Software which is located in San Francisco, CA. SAM was the obvious choice because of their robust and feature-rich online auction platform. More specifically, SAM was the only provider that offered Macy’s unmatched flexibility in creating custom fields for lots by category. Furthermore, SAM’s API solution has provided seamless and custom integration with the retail giant’s existing inventory system.

SAM’s intuitive software includes both admin back end features and bidder front end features for easy management and administration. The cutting edge software enables retailers to easily create sales as well as edit and revise terms of each sale.

In addition, retailers who utilize SAM Auction Software have the ability to:

  • Administer bids
  • Send messages
  • Project potential sales
  • Manage inventory
  • Configure their own payment gateways

Bidders who utilize SAM have the ability to:

  • Browse sale catalogs
  • View detailed information of products on sale
  • Perform live bidding
  • Submit item reviews
  • Pay invoices online

SAM Auction Software is completely client-driven, providing an interactive and customizable auction experience that is second-to-none. Large retailers are constantly looking for reverse logistics systems solutions that are robust, profitable, and easy to manage. Since Macy’s started using SAM auction software to sell off their returned products, the company has been able to recover millions of dollars monthly.

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Without a doubt, Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with an estimated workforce of over two million employees. The multinational retail corporation runs several chains of large discount department stores as well as warehouse stores. Walmart has over 8,500 stores in over 15 countries and has been named as the 3rd largest public corporation in 2012 according to Fortune Magazine.

Walmart is known as a popular source for customers who are looking for deals on capital assets, returned goods and liquidated inventory on their website. Examples of items liquidated by Walmart include:

  • Capital assets
  • Overstock
  • Refurbished returns
  • Unrefurbished returns
  • Products in their ‘end cycle’

Due to the daily influx of online customer requests for the above mentioned items, the global retailer needed to find a centralized liquidation auction software that they could easily manage, oversee, and generate reports from. Because this was something that SAM Auction Software could provide them with, their choice was clear.

Walmart was also thrilled with the flexibility and customizability of SAM Auction Software. The liquidation auction software perfectly matched their profile due to a number of features which include:

  • Back end features for admin
  • Live and timed online selling
  • Administration of bidding
  • Easy messaging capabilities
  • Management of inventory
  • Configuration of payment gateways

Bidders looking to buy liquidated inventory enjoy a number of features that include:

  • Easy browsing of bids across multiple categories
  • Clear product information
  • Live and timed online bidding
  • Audio and video bidding capability
  • Live chatting
  • Easy payment of invoices

In addition to robust user features, SAM provides an API solution that seamlessly integrates with any liquidation auction system. The software’s flexibility is appealing to many, as it can be customized based on each user’s requirements. For instance, administrators can easily create custom fields or assign multiple product categories.

Customization and ease-of-use are the key principles that guide SAM auction software. Regardless of the size of business, the software delivers optimum service in order to satisfy each client. Since Walmart started using SAM auction software, the company has been able to liquidate assets in several return centers and is planning for further growth and expansion.

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Julien’s Auctions is a prestigious auction house located in Beverly Hills, CA, specializing in entertainment, sports, and celebrity memorabilia. They manage a steady flow of high profile auctions including The Estate of Marilyn Monroe, The Estate of Bob Hope, along with high-ticket collectibles such as the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket, selling for $1.8 million dollars. The auctions that Julien’s presents are professionally managed, ensuring the highest success rates for each and every customer they serve.

As technology has continued to advance, Julien’s Auctions needed to find an auctioneer software solution that was capable of handling customer demands. In addition, they needed to find software that could easily integrate with their online auction catalog and provide a consistent level of ease and efficiency to their customers, which consist of thousands of online bidders from all around the world. These bidders required the ability to fully engage in online auctions both simultaneously and in real time. The most effective way to accomplish this was through SAM Auction Software. Our online software has maintained its tried and true strength and stability, encountering zero issues managing the high traffic that Julien’s Auctions attracts.

Julien’s Auctions is successfully selling millions every quarter, all thanks to the revolutionary live auction software we provide. The custom API solution we built (viewable at allows Julien’s to offer real time notifications to the bidders, which are sent directly to their cell phones via text messages. These notifications are helpful in alerting the bidders that their auction lot is set to begin in a live sale. In addition, SAM’s auctioneer software informs the bidders when they have been outbid and is even capable of allow them to increase their bid if they so choose, all through the ease of a text message.

Michael Doyle, VP of Operations at Julien’s Auctions claims: The SAM Auction platform has provided Julien’s Auctions with the best possible platform to capitalize on the flourishing online auction industry and expand our business with a global reach. Julien’s Auctions is clearly pleased with the results of the live auction software we provide and it is evident that a long lasting and successful relationship has been established.

As leaders of enterprise class auctioneer software and winners of the Forbes ‘Best of the Web’ in 2004 for the performance of said software, we maintain our reputation as providers of the most robust, reliable internet auction software solution. Call us today for more information 415-543-5825 or fill out our contact form here.